Welcome to Swami Vivekanand Shiksha Abhiyan!




Aims & Objective of The Swami Vivekanand Shiksha Abhiyan

The aim of Institution is to provide some job oriented professional / Vocational / Technical / Management / I.T / Engineering / Academic and other Courses.

1. To act as an Autonomous , Non-Commercial, Voluntary and Perpetual Body Corporate with Statutory Status under the Constitution of India for the right     to     Education , Training and its Administration; for providing Education at LESSER COST
•   for the Expansion, Propagation and Development of Distance Education;
•  for the Democratisation of Higher Education by providing it to the door- steps of Students;
•  for the Popularisation of Education under Open and Distance Education System on the pattern of other Countries;
•  for providing Education at lesser cost;
•  for Publication of Educational Literature;
•  for Honouring Eminent Educationists;
•  for Awarding Titles of Honours to Educators and Researchers;
•  for Conducting Regular, Open, Distance, Correspondence and Continuing Education in General, Traditional, Technical, Professional, and Advanced       Management Courses;
•  for Conducting Written, Practical and Oral Examinations;
•  for Awarding Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and Honours, as per the directions in the National Education Policy of the Government of India, the   Directives   in the Constitution of India and on the pattern of Open and Distance Education System approved by U.N. and its Agencies such as UNESCO,    W.H.O, etc.

2. To establish Educational Institutions under the Swami Vivekanand Shiksha Abhiyan to impart proper education to the needy from Pre-primary , Primary,        Upper Primary, Secondary , Higher Secondary to Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate Diploma and P. G. Degree and in Research Level from M. Phil,    Ph.D,   to Post Doctorate and Honourary Doctorate Level.
3.  To impart Education to the under-privileged, down trodden, Backward and Scheduled Classes, Women. Destitutes, Widows, Detenues and other eligible     candidates at Concessional rate of fees, and for this purpose to establish Distance Education Centres in any part of India or Abroad; to conduct Courses of     Study included in the Distance, Continuing, Correspondence and Open Education System of Open Universities and Institutions of National and            International Reputation.